Love at first sight and other stories' is an enchanting collection of beautifully narrated unputdownable short stories. Each story will hold your attention till the end and transport you into another world. 

Authored by Indian writer Deepak Karamungikar, 'Love at first sight...' is quite a journey...

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The Humming’ is a collection of thirteen intense short stories encompassing a flurry of different emotions. There’s the dark side of the human nature that comes out in ‘The Indulgence’, while the soft side of a man who loves his wife too much is portrayed in ‘The Mire’. There is a romantic tale of deception set three centuries ago, in ‘Land of Corals’ while there’s a girl who literally falls in love with the moon in ‘Moon, I Love You’. ‘The Hunt’, my personal favorite is the story of a female CIA agent and other such enchanting stories that are bound to capture the imagination of readers of all ages. It is going to take a long time for readers to forget each one of these intense experiences.


The Queen: An art history student visits a former Queen in central India with a purpose and his visit turns out to be more than adventurous. 

The Quilt: Narayana, a heavy machinery operator runs his life on a short budget and wants to make his daughter happy, but can he provide for her? 

Impostor: 'For eight years and eleven months, we lived an extremely satisfying life. We loved each other very much. But for the last one month, things have changed. Patrick has changed. A lot,' said Erica and began to cry. 

Serendipity: Jennifer discovers one morning that she has finished writing a novel - the only thing she doesn't remember is writing it. 

The Haunting Sunset: Maya attended a wedding and since then, she's been hungry - very hungry. 

What's happening in the lives of these characters? What do normal people do under abnormal circumstances? How do emotions drive human beings? These are the questions these short stories will try to answer.

​​The D-Side

Charlie Cooper, an ex-mob enforcer is unexpectedly released after twenty-one years in prison. He is welcomed by his son Aaron's modest, working class family. His teenaged grandchildren, Matt and Donna didn't even know they had a grandfather. Even before they reach home from prison, things go horribly wrong as his dangerous past catches up. The Coopers are forced to take a road trip as they struggle to keep up with their gangster grandpa.Type your paragraph here.

Jason Hunt, a brilliant PhD candidate in Quantum Physics has another passion - Julia Middlesworth, a Hollywood actress who's past her peak. After losing a drunk argument at a bar with a stranger over Julia's not-so-flourishing career, he heads to his lab and stumbles upon his mentor, Prof. Mandelbaum, secretly experimenting with a portable time travel device. 

Jason hides until his professor leaves and accesses the device, which he calls The Alterant. First, he wants to travel back one hour to have another shot at that argument - something we all dream of. 

But, greed is an insurmountable monster. Jason crosses all lines - including the ones drawn by nature.